I am just a gal who loves to knit and spin in my spare time and thought it would be nice to share my projects with everyone.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Chevron Waistcoat Complete

I finished the Chevron Wasitcoat Vest a few days ago. I have just had a hard time getting the picture up on the blog. I tried friday night and again saturday morning so this morning I thought I would take another picture and give it a try once again. I love this vest. Thanks Leah for the great idea of making these. Leah, her mom and I all made the same vest out of our left over handspun yarns. I cheated and had to add a couple commercial yarns :) They are all very pretty and each unique. It sure was a fun knit except for the job of working in all the ends. 9 colors that changed every 2 or 4 rows. I wish the photo would bring out the richness of the colors.


Spinning Cotton Candy

O.K., so it isn't cotton candy but it sure looks like it. That's what one of the ladies said on Saturday at the Frankenmuth Guild. I had only been there twice last spring and didn't go all summer. Fall is here, I have a little more time on the weekends and I am ready to go again. The ladies were all very nice. I enjoyed the beautiful country drive there and so all and all it was just a perfect day for me!

Anyhow the roving is a wool/bunny mix and super soft. I plan on plying it with a white coopsworth to end up with 2 lbs and hopefully enough for a very feminine and soft sweater. I am trying to get a worsted weight but I am having a hard time with consistency.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Un-Spun Sweater

This is something a little diffferent for me. I am knitting a sweater basically from an unspun wool pencil roving from a company called Fingerlakes Woolen Mill Of course it logical they call it Un-Spun. One of the girls at knit club at our LYS literally tripped over the bag of roving on the floor. She picked it up and I absolutely loved the feminine pastels and inquired as to what it was. I thought heck, why not give it a try. The pencil roving is very fragile so it is kind of hard to keep an even tension, but the fabric is so super soft and suprisingly strong after knitted. The pattern I am using is a simple Yoke Pullover that came with the kit, knit in the round my size 10.5 Denise needles. They call the roving "cheeses", I thought that was funny.
I finished my Chevron Waistcoat vest this week. I will post a picture later in the week when I get buttons sewn on.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Purple Donegal Tweed Sweater

I finally finished this sweater that I started back in January. I had it tucked away in my craft room waiting for me to take interest again. It was done on size 6 needles with Donegal Tweed DK by Sirdar which is now discontinued. I was holding my breath I had enough to finish the sweater because I couldn't find anymore of this yarn. I probably finished with a mere 10 yards left over. I have more of this yarn in navy for another sweater but with a couple of extra balls. The pattern is by Sirdar and is simple to do. This is my first cardigan and I really like it. Just a stockinette stitch with seed stitch turned back cuffs and trim. The buttons don't show up too well in the picture but they are perfect. I found them at JoAnn's and they are wood with the exact shade of purple faded to a lighter purple in the center.

Finished Silk/Wool Yarn

Here is a pic of the most recent yarn off my wheel. It has been sitting there for quite a while since I have been doing more knitting this summer. There was 10 oz of this wool/silk roving and I spun it quite fine. I would consider this a fingering - dk weight. I love the colors, which were dyed by Leah of Yarn or a Tale. This yarn is so soft. I would love to make socks from it but not sure of the durability. A lace scarf would also be very pretty.